Certified translation

Notarized translation is the process of translating legalized documents into a target language according to the needs of customers and certified by the competent authority to certify with the original (state notary).

Vietnam is in the process of global integration, opening up many opportunities for trade and cooperation between Vietnam and the world in all fields: Economics, education, technology, culture, society, … Notarized translation has also been interested in individuals, businesses, and organizations when engaging in commercial activities with the world.
Major cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Da Nang are major economic and cultural exchange centers that have many demands for accurate and objective authentication and certification in accordance with the law. Therefore, aiming to provide the most accurate and objective notarized translation services based on translation capacity and understanding Vietnamese and international laws is an urgent requirement nowadays.
Professional and prestigious Nuva Trans
Understanding the needs of customers, Nuva Trans has become one of the leading units in Vietnam providing professional notarized translation services, dedicated to serving thousands of customers at home and abroad.
We receive notarized translations of the following documents:
  • Business capability profile,
  • The profile of the company is sent to a foreign partner,
  • Profile Study,
  • Some travel permits,
  • Settling abroad,
  • Economic contracts …,
  • Personal documents: Identity card, passport, household registration, birth certificate, transcript, diploma, certificate of marital status … with more than 30 languages translated.

From the common languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, … to the less used languages: Thailand, Denmark, Arabic, Hungarian, Czech, Swedish, Cambodian, Mongolia … All translations and notarized documents are certified by the competent legal authority exactly as compared to the original and have the legal certification stamp attached.

We guarantee the commitment term with the most optimal cost
After more than 10 years of deploying the application of high technologies and huge translation memories, customers have saved more than 30% of the cost and time of document translation compared to companies in the same field.
Please contact us today to receive the most dedicated advice!

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